Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day Three

Ok, I know I should really come up with more creative titles but creativity is not my best virtue.

The kids are all better today. Last night my mother and brothers had some strong words with Kyle and Logan via the phone. Logan was disrespectful to my mother and hung up on her. My brothers stepped up and set him straight. Then when Eddie found out about it upon getting home from work Logan had to face his wrath as well.

I found Kyle crying in his room. He was apparently upset over my comment that our relationship would never be the same given the fact he said I have never been a mother to him. I explained to him that no, our relationship wouldn't, but that didn't mean that it wouldn't eventually be stronger. I also stressed to him the fact that no matter what he does, says, or thinks I will never stop loving him and he will always be my son. I told him he was no less my son than those I gave birth to. I told him I was hurt by his words and his actions but that I had forgiven him. Now it was time to rebuild.

Something occurred to me as he held me tighter and tighter while I was talking..... this child has never known unconditional love. He has no concept of the fact that Eddie and I will always love him no matter what. To know that he has never felt that before breaks my heart. He will be 14 next month.

Logan eventually asked for temporary phone priveleges so that he could apologize to his Mammy (my mother). He then talked to her for over an hour. While he understands the reason we have six kids, he's having a hard time assimilating. He's also terrorized at school quite a bit. There are only nine kids in his grade so it's very hard being the new guy.

The other kids were great last night. Kae was a little hormonal but other than that it was quiet.

On a happier note.... we had a wonderful gluten free dinner of chicken tenders, beans, corn, and salad. I discovered a new favorite product.... Southern Homestyle Tortilla Crumbs. They are awesome for breading. I added a few spices to make it to our taste but I LOVE the texture. Tonight I am trying them with oysters (and chicken again for our non oyster eating kiddos).

I will let you know how it goes. Right now the psoriasis is better than it has been in eight years but the rest of my body itches like crazy. We shall see what day four brings.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day Two

We are day two of being gluten free...... ok, some of us are on day two. Eddie stopped and bought breakfast this morning.

I am broke out in hives from head to toe. I don't know how much of it is the reaction to being gluten free and how much of it is stress from this morning.

I was told by two of my loving children what a horrible mom/human being I was. They had lots of reasons, but none of them really made sense. It seems that my biggest transgressions were 1) Not allowing them to go to the store to get lunchables and instead I packed them a nutritious lunch for their field trip. 2) Using big words like "transgressions". Apparently the fact that I have a large vocabulary makes me unfit as a mother.

The morning climaxed with both boys refusing to take their lunch (so they went hungry today) and Logan threatening to call child protective services because I wouldn't feed him. I gave him the number and the phone. Poor Benjamin tried to make me feel better by asking me to pack his lunch..... all the while Kyle and Logan were going off.

Both boys will be experiencing some tough love when they get home. Then they'll have to answer to dad.

Dinner was great.... rice, hamburger, and cheese ghoulash with a big salad and some gluten free brownies. Tonights dinner will be fried chicken (with gluten free breading).

Monday, March 22, 2010

Our Gluten Free Journey

So today is day one of starting the family on a gluten free lifestyle. We have several ailments in the group that should benefit from this. I have severe psoriasis that has been resistent to all treatment thus far. The only thing the docs say they can reccommend now is an immunosuppressant. That will not work for me.

The family is taking the decision well. Ok, in all honesty, I haven't really told them yet. I told my loving husband and he just looked at me skeptically. The kids really didn't notice. Breakfast was pork chops, fresh fruit, and gluten free waffles. I think Logan ate some rice chex. He's the pickiest in the group so I am going to have to find things to appeal to him. Now, Kae is also supposed to have low carbs and no preservatives to deal with her seizures. Jon and Derek have a food dye sensitivity. Eddie (my husband) is allergic to all green vegetables and a ton of other stuff. So finding food choices for everyone is going to be an adventure.

So to get a baseline of where we are. Logan and Jon have pretty severe anger issues. They also have difficulty focusing and paying attention. Derek and Jon are easily adhd. My ankles are itchy, red, and swollen and I'm starting to get similar patches on elbows. My entire body itches incessantly. I'm not going to post my weight, but I need to drop fifty pounds.

Lunch will be left over pork chops, corn, beans, fresh fruit, and salad.

Tonights dinner..... tacos, spanish rice, and I haven't yet figured out a dessert.

Who We Are

I am finally coming into the technology age. After numerous "suggestions" from friends I am going to try to keep up with a blog.... in my free time. Ummmm. ok.

I am thirty five years old and married for the second time to the most incredible man I know. He and I have been together for five and a half years, married for four and a half. I brought three children into the marriage. Kae, is our only girl and is fifteen. She has struggled with epilepsy and cyclic vomiting syndrome her entire life. Benjamin is thirteen and Logan is ten. Both boys are legally blind due to a condition known as x-linked recessive juvenile retinoschisis. Shortly after we were married we gained custody of and adopted my husband's cousin's then four year old son, Jon. He is now eight and we are homeschooling him. He's been diagnosed with reactive attachment disorder and post traumatic stress disorder. Several months later, my cousin was killed in a car accident and we inherited his son, Kyle, who is almost fourteen. Within six weeks of Kyle joining our family, Jon's birthmom notified us that she was expecting again. We subsequently adopted Derek who is now three.

So that is us. I hope you enjoy my incoherent ramblings.