Monday, March 22, 2010

Our Gluten Free Journey

So today is day one of starting the family on a gluten free lifestyle. We have several ailments in the group that should benefit from this. I have severe psoriasis that has been resistent to all treatment thus far. The only thing the docs say they can reccommend now is an immunosuppressant. That will not work for me.

The family is taking the decision well. Ok, in all honesty, I haven't really told them yet. I told my loving husband and he just looked at me skeptically. The kids really didn't notice. Breakfast was pork chops, fresh fruit, and gluten free waffles. I think Logan ate some rice chex. He's the pickiest in the group so I am going to have to find things to appeal to him. Now, Kae is also supposed to have low carbs and no preservatives to deal with her seizures. Jon and Derek have a food dye sensitivity. Eddie (my husband) is allergic to all green vegetables and a ton of other stuff. So finding food choices for everyone is going to be an adventure.

So to get a baseline of where we are. Logan and Jon have pretty severe anger issues. They also have difficulty focusing and paying attention. Derek and Jon are easily adhd. My ankles are itchy, red, and swollen and I'm starting to get similar patches on elbows. My entire body itches incessantly. I'm not going to post my weight, but I need to drop fifty pounds.

Lunch will be left over pork chops, corn, beans, fresh fruit, and salad.

Tonights dinner..... tacos, spanish rice, and I haven't yet figured out a dessert.

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  1. Hi, I came across your blog from the Above Rubies email loop. I pray God's blessings upon you as you begin your gluten-free adventure!