Monday, March 22, 2010

Who We Are

I am finally coming into the technology age. After numerous "suggestions" from friends I am going to try to keep up with a blog.... in my free time. Ummmm. ok.

I am thirty five years old and married for the second time to the most incredible man I know. He and I have been together for five and a half years, married for four and a half. I brought three children into the marriage. Kae, is our only girl and is fifteen. She has struggled with epilepsy and cyclic vomiting syndrome her entire life. Benjamin is thirteen and Logan is ten. Both boys are legally blind due to a condition known as x-linked recessive juvenile retinoschisis. Shortly after we were married we gained custody of and adopted my husband's cousin's then four year old son, Jon. He is now eight and we are homeschooling him. He's been diagnosed with reactive attachment disorder and post traumatic stress disorder. Several months later, my cousin was killed in a car accident and we inherited his son, Kyle, who is almost fourteen. Within six weeks of Kyle joining our family, Jon's birthmom notified us that she was expecting again. We subsequently adopted Derek who is now three.

So that is us. I hope you enjoy my incoherent ramblings.


  1. YEAH! Glad you are blogging. I will enjoy keeping up with your chaos!

  2. Wow! What a household! I will have to read up on a gluten free diet. We have a son (my step son) who has some major issues and we ALL have weight issues! Possibly our diet could help us out! Welcome to the blogging world! It's fun!